Maya Levy grew up to Israeli and French parents in New York City. When she was young, her teachers used to call her Maya Papaya, which she hated, because she hated papayas. Now, however, she loves papayas and thinks her teachers were rather clever. She has lived in London for 9 years.

Maya is a professional singer, songwriter, actor and theatre deviser/writer, with a Bachelor of Music from the prestigious Oberlin Conservatory (in piano and voice), a Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre from Oberlin College, as well as an MA in Performance from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Trained as a classical pianist and classical singer at Oberlin, she is also the Cantorial Soloist and Community Musician of West London Synagogue.

Her focus has been on composing pieces of music theatre, song writing and working as a professional performer. Her current project is ‘The Adventures of Nellie Bly’, a one-woman show about the 19th century American reporter and daredevil, Nellie Bly, for which she is funded by Arts Council England. Other recent projects include: The Damsels Most Daring Present ‘The Bravery of Miss Anne and Other Tales of Splendorous Adventures’, a piece of comedic, musical, storytelling theatre. It received four star reviews in 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Maya continues to be the artistic director of the hidden underground gem of London’s art scene, Open Arts Café, which was established in 2008. Visit http://www.openartscafe.com for more information.

“To bring us back into the nightmarish world of darkness the multi talented Maya Levy, who along with being the sole artistic director of the Open Arts Café since 2010 is also a singer songwriter, performed some wonderfully humorous and dark pieces. One particularly funny one was inspired by the story of a school being evacuated due to a black widow spider sighting. Based on the music and witty lyrics you would never have guessed that she had only written it the night before. To end her set the audience were asked to sing along to a mash up of Stand by Me and The Monster Mash, a surreal and thoroughly enjoyable experience.” – The Other Arts Review

“Levy is an extremely likeable, crowd-friendly act for anybody and everybody” – A YoungerTheatre.com

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