Maya has been writing songs in earnest (but definitely not earnest songs!) since 2006.

She writes songs that she performs in solo gigs, songs for her group The Kitchen Quartet, and songs for musical plays she concocts.

The songs she writes for herself have hints of folk, pop and musical theatre and plenty of humour.

Her debut album, Historically Inaccurate, can be found here and on itunes

‘Crazy Teachers’ (Explicit) performed live at the Fiddler’s Elbow in July 2014


‘The Unexpected Re-encounter of Pocahontas and John Smith’, from Historically Inaccurate


‘Spellbook’, music and lyrics by Maya for The Kitchen Quartet

Maya, with playwright Kirstin Smith, also composed music and lyrics for a children’s musical (for children in mixed aged groups to perform) called Menagerie. The backing tracks are produced by Nick Trepka, played by Soundcastle and the show (backing tracks, guide tracks, script and scores) is available to be bought for school shows.

Here is the song Discipline, sung by the character Miss Stickler (coming soon).

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